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Jesada Tools - products of a quest for excellence!

What makes an exceptional tool?

Is the quality of your tools determined by design, material, or the machinery used in their manufacture? If you answered "yes" to all three you're only partly correct, because there's fourth, intangible element that sets Jesada Tools apart: the founder's decades-long commitment to be the best in the business. Jesada Tools' founder, Carlo Venditto can offer plenty of evidence that his tools are the finest. Ask him why they are the best however, and he will speak in terms of a quest for excellence, and he will tell a story of growth, education and change that cover more than a quarter century of family history.

Nearly 30 years ago Carlo Venditto, then a very young man from Milan, made his first visit to the United States. Like countless visitors before, he caught what he remembers as "a fever" for America. Although an early career as a radio broadcaster took him from Chicago to Monte Carlo and eventually back to Milan, he never lost his love for "the American way of life." After the birth of their son David, Carlo and Enrica found their ticket back to the states, thanks to a then little-known Italian toolmaker looking for English-speakers to help build a U.S. company. "I saw this as the perfect opportunity to come back to the United States and fulfill my dreams," he recalls. First stop for his new career was Chicago, next came Salem, Indiana and then on to High Point, North Carolina. The next ten years were spent in North Carolina where daughters Sabrina and Jessica were born. Carlo traveled extensively and in the process he accumulated a vast collection of knowledge about woodworkers and the tools they needed, knowledge that would soon come into play in a new arena.

The Florida Connection

When Carlo decided in 1990 to start his own company, a honeymoon visit to Florida decades earlier was still very much on his mind. The beauty of Florida's Gulf coast had never been forgotten, so that was the obvious choice for the home of his new company. The forerunner of today's Jesada Tools was formed under another name in 1991. Enlisting the aid of router experts, Carlo brought to market router bits with features that changed the industry: anti-kickback design, nonstick coatings and profiles that greatly expanded the use of the router.

Jesada Manufacturing By taking control of the entire production process in his own facility, Carlo brought all of his tool manufacturing and marketing experience to bear on one goal: manufacturing the world's finest wood-cutting tools. We've invested in machines that nobody else in our industry has invested in. The tools coming out of those grinders feature a polished carbide surface unmatched in the industry. The quality of Jesada products has not been missed by the marketplace, as evidenced by a steadily growing demand proves.

The Future

A newcomer to this country who began his career importing tools from abroad, Carlo Venditto has now moved into a more passive role of semi- retirement. Jesada Tools' talented management team has picked up where Carlo left off. The quest for excellence continues and efforts are made every day to improve product quality and service. With subsidiaries or affiliates now on five continents, Jesada Tools has become a serious exporter of U.S.-made woodworking tools and is continuing to expand and give woodworkers, both home and abroad, the chance to buy the best woodworking products available.

Who is "Jesada?"

3kids.jpg That's a question we hear from time to time. Here's the answer: Jessica, Sabrina and David Venditto, shown above in a photo from David's college graduation. Children of Jesada's founder, all three have contributed time to the company along with portions of their names. Jessica (JE), Sabrina (SA), David (DA).