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Dial Indicator Instructions

Dial Indicator Safety Tips:

Make sure that planer or jointer is unplugged before adjusting knives.

This is not intended to replace the instructions in your owner's manual.


STEP 1: Assemble as seen in diagram to the left. The "ON" and "OFF" switch activates and deactivates the magnet in the base.


NOTE: The dial indicator's function is to measure a knife from end to end insuring that it is completely level the length of the cutting surface. The smallest increment on the dial face is equivalent to .001 (one thousandth of an inch) with the larger increments equivalent to .010. The small inset dial is calibrated to read the number of full rotations the indicator hand has made measured in .100. The two black pointers on the face of the dial can be rotated to be used as reference points for quick location of frequently used measurements. The thumb screw at the right of the dial allows you to rotate the face of the dial.

STEP 1: Attach dial indicator unit to magnetic base as shown in magnetic base diagram above.

STEP 2: Place the assembled unit on the out-feed table of your machine with the tip of the dial indicator touching top dead center of your cutter head making sure there is a slight amount of pressure on the indicator tip. Adjustments in pressure can be made by turning the micro-adjustment knob in the center of the magnetic base arm.

STEP 3: Turn the magnetic base to the "ON" position to secure the unit to your out-feed table. At this point using the thumb screw on the right side of the dial indicator set the dial to read "0" (Loosening the screw will allow you to rotate the face of the dial to any point you choose).

STEP 4: Rotate the cutterhead or slide the magnetic base unit so that while the dial indicator tip is in contact with the cutterhead, it gently slides up on the edge of the newly installed knives (See your owner's manual for proper knife installation instructions). The measurements obtained should fall within the specifications set in your owner's manual.

STEP 5: Repeat steps 3-5 randomly down the length of the knife until completely level. Repeat for each successive knife on cutterhead.

Helpful Hints: The dial indicator can be used for measuring run-out on your table saw, drill press and many other shop items.

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