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Combination Rail & Stile Instructions

Please Note: Wherever you see this picture, the specified bits are for use in a router table only! Never attempt to use them in a hand-held router! Warning!  Router Table Use Only!

Cut 1: Cutting the edge of Stiles & Rails: Set up bit as shown in cut 1. Raise the bit in your router using the bottom cutter to cut the panel slot on the stile and rail. Make test cuts on scrap stock first to ensure proper alignment. Make this cut on one edge of each stile and rail.
Cut 2: Cutting the Rail: Next, lower the bit in your router table, so that you are using the top & center cutter to cut the rail ends (See cut 2). This should be done using a right angle fixture to ensure safe accurate cuts. Make a test cut to be sure that your cut fits flush into the cut you made in step 1. Cut across both ends of each rail. When cutting rails to length, allow 7/16" for each tenon. If your stiles are 2-1/4" wide, your rails should be 3-5/8" shorter than the width of the door.

A note about our Combination Rail & Stile Bit:

We make every effort to ship our Rail & Stile bit so they are ready to make perfect, tight-fitting joints right out of the box. Many factors can effect the fit however, including the wood species, the condition of your router, even your routing technique. Resharpening of the edge also will result in a loose joint. From time to time you may wish to adjust the fit of the joint as explained below.

Fine Tuning your Combination Rail and Stile Bit:

The bit includes several shims you may place between the cutters. As shown to the left, adding or removing shims at various points can tighten or loosen the joint.

How to Adjust The Fit

  1. Adjusting the fit of the tongue & groove:
    1. Too Loose? Add shims between the upper cutters.
    2. Too tight? Remove shims from between the upper cutters.
  2. Adjusting the fit of the profile area:
    1. Too Loose? Add shims between the lower cutters.
    2. Too tight? Remove shims from between the lower cutters.
Safety Tips:
  • Use pusher blocks or push stick to keep hands well clear of bit when cutting stiles!
  • Use a right angle fixture for cutting rail ends.
  • Wear eye and ear protection at all times.
  • Use a router table fence for all cuts.

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Any reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited.