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Finger Joint Bit Instructions

Please Note: Wherever you see these pictures, the specified bits are for use in a router table only! Never attempt to use them in a hand-held router! Router Table Use Only!
Illustration It's a good idea to make a test cut on scrap stock to insure a good fit. For repetitive cuts it may help to make a template by making a sample cut for future reference. When choosing the proper bit setup, use the wood's thickness as a guide. The minimum stock thickness that can be cut is 5/8" by utilizing only one of the finger slot-cutters and the abutting-edge cutter. The maximum stock thickness that can be cut with this bit is 1-3/8" by using all five finger slot cutters and the abutting-edge cutter. This can be done by unscrewing the nut on top of the bit and rearranging the cutters as shown in the drawings below. The cutters should always be assembled to match spindle rotation. Be sure to use a spacer between cutters at all times!


STEP 1: Make sure that the edges of your stock are square to insure proper cut. The bit must be centered in the wood correctly to make the two joints align properly. Mark the exact center of the wood with a pencil to use as a guide line. Center the bit by adjusting the height of your router slightly to find the center of the stock. The shoulders of the finger joint cut must be of equal height as shown in the cross section for proper fit.

STEP 2: Adjust your router table fence so that the face of the fence is aligned with the bearing on the bit.
NOTE: With the router unplugged, rotate the bit by hand to make sure the cutters do not touch the fence!

STEP 3: Carefully make a trial cut on two pieces of scrap material. Turn one piece over and test for fit.

STEP 4: If the test pieces do not align properly, you will need to raise or lower the bit and make a second cut.


  • Always use guards and pusher blocks to keep hands clear of exposed cutters.
  • Make sure that your router is unplugged before altering bit configuration.
  • Do not use a hand held router with finger joint bit. router table use only!
  • Be sure to always use spacers between cutters!!
  • Always wear safety glasses

Possible Cutter Configurations
Finger joint bit cutting a MAX. 5/8" stock.
Finger joint bit cutting a MAX. 13/16" stock.
Finger joint bit cutting a MAX. 1" stock.
Finger joint bit cutting a MAX. 1-3/16" stock.
Finger joint bit cutting a MAX. 1-3/8" stock.
Finger Joint Cuts in 5/8" and 1-3/8" stock.

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