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Finger Pull Bit Instructions

Please Note: Wherever you see these pictures, the specified bits are for use in a router table only! Never attempt to use them in a hand-held router! Use In Router Table Only!
Finger Pull Bit With your 655-601 Finger Pull Bit, you can mill your choice of edge pulls. For a quick and simple yet decorative edge pull, use the set up shown on the picture to the left. Simply set up the cut with your door face down. Use a router table and fence for this bit or any other of our large bits.

NOTE: A fence must be used for this operation.

  1. Start with 3/4" x 1-5/8" stock. Hardwood is best for pulls, and be careful to avoid knots, splits or checks. Set our Finger Pull bit as shown in the chart below, using a 15º fence notched around the bit. This cut removes a large amount of stock, so TAKE YOUR TIME! Use pusher blocks, hold-in and hold-down devices at all times, and never force the bit.
  2. Use a 1/4" Slot Cutter with a fence set for 3/16" depth of cut. This pass forms the leading edge of the "lip".
  3. Move the fence for 1/4" depth of cut. This will produce the 1/16" "lip" as shown. This lip covers the edge of the laminate or veneer on the face side of the door, improving appearance and adding strength to the joint.
  4. Use the 1/4" slot cutter again with the fence set for 1/4" depth. On this pass, the cutter height should be adjusted to form the 3/16" thick tongue as shown.
  5. Switch to your 3/16" slot cutter to route the slot in the door edge.
European-Style Pull From Start To Finish
Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4
Step #5

Finished Piece

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