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Lock Miter Bit

Warning!  Router Table Use Only! Please Note: Wherever you see these pictures, the specified bits are for use in a router table only! Never attempt to use them in a hand-held router!

These bits cuts the strongest joints you'll ever make! Use the Lock Miter bit on stock from 5/8" to 1-1/8" thick. Use the Lock Miter Jr. to cut stock from 3/8" to 11/16". Simply follow the directions below to create a great looking durable joint.

This bit is to be used with a router table and fence only!

Make A Glue Joint
Illustration Illustration
1- Route your first piece
face down.
2- Route second piece
face up.

Make A Edge Miter
Illustration Illustration
1. Route one piece with the "inside" face flat on the router table. 2. Route the second piece with the "inside" face vertical and against the fence.
TIP: The secret to success with the Lock Miter Bit is to make sure the centerline of your workpiece is aligned to the midpoint of the lock miter profile. Make a test cut first. Minute adjustments may be necessary. Make sure distances are equal to ensure proper centering.

Sample Joints
Illustration Illustration
Lock Miter Joint Edge miters & glue joints

Lock Miter Safety Tips:
  • These bits are for use in a router table only.
  • Be sure to use pusher blocks, hold-down and hold-in devices.
  • Use a sturdy fence at least 6" high.
  • Take your time and plan your work carefully.
  • Never try to mill short or narrow stock.
  • Keep fingers out of harm's way at all times.

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Any reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited.