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Pin Point Centering Tool

Illustration If you own a router, a drill press, or even a portable drill with a drill guide attachment, you'll find a host of uses for the Pin-Point Centering Tool. Both ends feature a 60º point that gives you a precise center for mortises, plunge cuts or screw holes. Extended below the base of your router, the Pin-Point lets you square up your base or check the router run out (that's the off-center wobble produced by worn or misshapen bearings, collet or shaft).
Example Pin Point Applications
Illustration Illustration
Use your Pin-Point to center a plunge cut with the router or to get your drill press perfectly on target. Simply insert the Pin-Point in your tool, tighten the collet slightly and lower it to the workpiece. The Pin-Point features 1/4" & 1/2" diameter ends to suit any size collet or chuck. To check the squareness of your router base, insert the Pin-Point and lightly tighten the collet. Rotating the pinpoint by hand with a square placed as shown will indicate the degree of run-out or "wobble" in your router. Never turn the router on with the Pin-Point in the collet!

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