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Rosette Cutterhead Instructions

Our Rosette Cutterhead with one-piece body design makes cutting rosettes a snap! Follow these simple instructions and you will be on your way to cutting perfect rosettes time after time. Our cutterhead includes a wedge-type gib for securing the cutting knife and a 1/8" Allen wrench. This one-piece design eliminates the need for securing the arbor to the body. Our wedge-type gib locks the optional knife in place for a tight fit. This cutterhead is designed to fit a drill press with a 1/2" chuck.
Safety Instructions:
  • Always wear safety eye and ear protection as well as dust mask or respirator.
  • Make sure that the knife is firmly secured in the cutterhead.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that may get caught in machinery.
  • Remove any tools or adjusting keys from work area.
  • Clamp workpiece securely to the drill press table.
  • Before adjustments are made make sure that all moving parts are completely stopped.
  • Make sure the power is off and the machine is unplugged!
Rosette Illustration
Figure #1

Rosette Illustration

Optional Knife Mounting:
  1. Place the knife along the 90º wall in the center of the cutterhead as seen in figure 2. Align the knife so that at the point where the two opposite grindings meet on the knife are centered with the center hole in the cutterhead (see figure 1).
  2. Holding the knife in position slide the wedge-type gib in the cutterhead slot so that the 90º angle side of the gib faces the knife. Make sure that the gib fits snugly against the knife and does not extend beyond either end of the cutterhead.
  3. Evenly tighten the 3 setscrews with the 1/8" Allen wrench, so that gib raises up applying pressure to the knife and firmly locking it into place.
  4. Tighten cutterhead shank in drill press securely as shown in figure 2.
Making the Rosettes:

This Rosette Cutterhead produces its profiles by scraping the wood layer by layer. Make sure that your workpiece is accurately centered under the cutterhead so that your cut will be made in the desired location.

  1. Set your drill press speed at 500 rpm initially. This speed may be adjusted to give you the best cut for the particular profile you are cutting.
  2. Slowly lower the cutterhead onto the workpiece. As the cutting action begins slowly feed the cutterhead into the workpiece as seen in figure 3.
  3. Clear excess sawdust frequently during operation only after the drill press has been stopped and cutterhead is no longer in motion.
Rosette Illustration
Removing Knife:
  1. Loosen set screws with Allen wrench.
  2. Hold wedge-type gib ends with fingers and tap lightly with a soft faced hammer or block of wood. Do not tap knife!
  3. Remove knife and gib for future use.
  4. Sharpen knives with hone or slip stone regularly.
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Any reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited.