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Router Inlay Kit Instructions

We are sure that you will appreciate the quality and ease of using your new inlay kit, but we recommend that you practice with your kit before attempting a large project.

Inlay Illustration MAKING THE PATTERN

Fabricate a pattern out of 1/4" material, for best results use Masonite or similar material. Cut the pattern with 3" - 5" of material around the perimeter of the pattern. This will provide a good base to support the router as the cut is made. When designing the pattern, remember to make the opening large enough to accommodate the 9/16" bushing.

For a standard female pattern, discard the piece you cut out of the pattern material. If producing a male pattern, you would discard all but the cut out, and reverse the following directions regarding the use of the inlay bushing.


Screw the two piece brass bushing onto your router's base plate and tighten until snug. Set the cutting depth of the router to the equivalent thickness of the inlay material, not to exceed 1/8".

NOTE: The two piece base plate bushing provided with your router inlay kit is designed to work with Porter Cable and Black and Decker routers without the aid of any additional accessories. Other brands of routers may require an additional adapter ring for Porter Cable template guides or see your Jesada Tools Catalog for adapters.


Clamp the pattern to the workpiece to ensure the pattern will not slip. Insert the small brass bushing onto the large brass bushing, previously installed on the router. Carefully run the router clockwise around the inside of the pattern. This will produce an outline of your pattern in the workpiece. The remaining wood or laminate material must be routed or pried out.

NOTE: Care must be taken when tipping a standard router into the inlay material to provide a clean cut. When practical, start the router cut from the edge of the workpiece, or use a plunge router when possible.


It is recommended that the area from which the inlay will be cut be stuck down with two sided tape to a piece of scrap wood. This will prevent the inlay from chipping or flying out when the cut is complete. Place the pattern over the material from which the inlay will be cut and clamp securely. Remove the small brass bushing ring and carefully route clockwise around the pattern.


Insert the inlay piece into the workpiece cut out. It will probably be necessary to sand the edges and corners of the inlay to provide a quality fit into the cutout. Care must be taken not to over sand, resulting in a poor fit.


880-002 1/8" Solid Carbide Downcut Spiral Bit
390-001 Inlay Bushing Kit

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