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Slot Cutter Assembly

Slot Cutter The Jesada Tools carbide tipped Slot Cutter is a premium quality cutting tool. With a little care it will provide you with smooth, clean cuts time after time. Any of our Slot Cutters fit on our Slot Cutter Arbors, so you can add extra cutters to your collection without the cost of additional arbors. Please follow the assembly instructions very carefully, paying especially close attention to the direction of cutter rotation.
Exploded View Assembly
  1. Assemble the parts as shown.
  2. Be sure the cutting edges point in the correct direction. Looking down on the top of the bit, the cutters should point in a counter-clockwise direction.
  3. Be sure the washers are securely in place.
  4. Tighten the retaining nut on the cutter arbor securely.
Note: the best way to hold the shank while tightening is in a vise with "soft" jaws. An alternative is to chuck the bit in your router (with the router unplugged!) while tightening the Retaining Nut.

Safety Tips:
  • Washers must be used between the cutter and bearing and between the bearing and retaining nut.
  • Always wear ear and eye protection when using slot cutters or any router bit.
  • Check that retaining nut is secure.
  • Always unplug the router when changing or adjusting cutters.

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