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Window Sash Set Instructions

Warning!  Router Table Use Only! Please Note: Wherever you see these pictures, the specified bits are for use in a router table only! Never attempt to use them in a hand-held router!
As the name implies, this set is designed to mill sash parts that offer traditional elegance along with functional design. This set also produces perfectly matched rail and stile parts for 1-3/8" thick custom-built doors.


Step 1: Mill the stock for rails and stiles 1-3/8" thick. The stile length should be the full height of the sash. Before cutting rails to length, be sure to allow for the length of the tenon shown at left, and allow for the overlap of the two ogees produced by the two matching bits. Make sample joints and test cuts before milling your stock! Cut the tenon as shown using a table saw, radial saw or router. The mortise & tenon joint is "stopped" (see illustration left) so the tenon is not exposed after the sash is assembled.

Step 2: Make the cope cuts on the rails. Set the top of the bit flush with the tenon, adjust fence so the bit cuts 1/4" deeper than the shoulder of the tenon. Make the cope cuts on the sash bar and muntins with the bit at the same height. All cope cuts are made with the stock face down.

Step 3: Make the profile cut along the inside edge of the rails and stiles and both edges of the sash bar and muntins. Make all cuts with the stock face down. Use the tenon on the end of the rails to adjust your cutter height. The bottom edge of the upper cutter should be flush with the top edge of the tenon as shown.

TIP: To ensure proper results, produce at least one joint from scrap material before milling your stock.

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