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Saw Blade Stabilizer Tips

Maxi-Combo Our blade stabilizers (stiffening collars or dampeners) are designed to give you the best possible cut with your table saw or radial arm saw. These dampeners add stiffness to your blades and reduce the vibration induced by the saw's belt, bearings and motor. Carefully machined from top quality steel, Jesada Tools dampeners are easy to install and stand up to long, rugged service. Like any fine tool however, these dampeners must be used properly and periodically checked for accuracy. Please read the following instructions carefully.
Saw Stabilizers
When & where to use blade stabilizers
  • On table and radial arm saws only.
  • Whenever the required depth of cut allows .



  • Unplug the saw!
  • Place one dampener on the arbor, put the blade on next,
    followed by the other dampener and finally the nut.
  • Note: Be sure that the arbor threads completely through the nut!
    How to Use
    • Before starting the saw, be sure the dampeners don't touch the table saw insert or the radial arm saw guard.
    • Use the saw and blade exactly as before, you'll note the improved performance!
    Checking for Accuracy
    • Periodically check that the dampeners haven't become warped. A good straight edge and your eye may be sufficient, or lay each dampener on a perfectly flat surface and check for "wobble", turn it over & repeat.
    Maximum Depth of Cut
    3" Stabilizer
    Item SBS-003
    5" Stabilizer
    Item SBS-005
    8" 2-1/2" 1-1/2"
    8-1/2" 2-3/4" 1-3/4"
    9" 3" 2"
    10" 3-1/2" 2-1/2"
    12" 4-1/2" 3-1/2"
    • Unplug your saw before installing or removing dampeners.
    • Be sure the arbor is long enough to thread completely through the arbor nut with the dampeners in place.
    • Use dampeners on table or radial arms saws only.
    • Be sure the dampeners don't touch the saw insert or guards, especially on bevel cuts.
    • Replace warped or damaged collars immediately.
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    Any reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited.