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Shaper System Instructions*


Illustration These sets of interchangeable cutters offer shaper owners the best combination of versatility and value.

You're probably anxious to try out your new tools, but please take a few moments first to study the rules and suggestions on this page. As with any cutting tool, improper use of the Jesada Shaper System can be hazardous.

Safe operation of the Jesada Shaper System requires that the operator understand how its components fit together and adhere to some basic safety rules.



Use the T-handle wrench to loosen the set screws holding the "dovetail"-shaped wedges in the cutterhead. Remove both wedges by sliding them out vertically.

Select the profile you wish to use from the 14 pairs of knives in your set. Use the plastic "key" included with your set to lift the cutters out of the box. Use care to avoid dropping the cutter and be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges.

Place one of the knives in the cutterhead with the pins in the cutterhead protruding into the holes in the knife. Be sure the cutting edge points in a counterclockwise direction, as shown in the illustration. Slip the wedge back in place, making sure the wedge's set screws seat in the two indentations in the head, and tighten both set screws securely. Repeat this process for the second cutter.

With the power cord unplugged, install the cutterhead on your shaper as you would any large-diameter cutter. Be sure the cutters will not hit the fences and of course, be sure the spindle nut is secure before using the shaper.


First, be sure you've read, understood and followed all the safety tips below and all the safety instructions that came with your shaper.

Use the Jesada Tools Shaper System as you would any large-diameter cutter. Adjust your fence halves as close to the cutters as possible without making contact.

Above all, take your time and use common sense when determining how large a "bite" to take at one pass.

Feeding your stock too slowly and/or selecting too great a spindle speed can create some nasty burns in your stock and dull your cutters prematurely. At a proper feed rate, each knife cuts a wood chip that's large enough to carry away most of the heat. If you feed too slowly, all that heat builds up in the cutter and the workpiece, burning the wood and the knife. Never force your work. A kickback or some other accident can result from feeding too rapidly.

Cleaning & Sharpening:

Any cutter performs better when it's free of pitch buildup. Pitch on your cutters may contain acid that will attack the cutting edges. A commercial pitch & gum remover or regular oven cleaner can handle this problem.

As your cutters begin to lose their edge you'll probably notice more burning on your work and perhaps even discoloration on the knife. Hone the flat side of the knife with the stone provided with your set. If the knife requires regrinding, you're better off consulting a professional sharpening service.

Safety Tips:

  • Discard damaged cutters or cutterheads.
  • Keep cutters sharp, Don't try to force your work against a dull cutter.
  • Unplug your shaper before installing cutters in the cutterhead.
  • Be certain that the cutters are inserted fully into the cutterhead with the cutterhead pins in the cutter holes, and double-check that all set screws are tight.
  • Keep guards and other safety devices in place.
  • Don't try to cut too deeply at a single pass. Several shallow cuts are safer and you'll get a better job!
  • Never try to cut "freehand" with your shaper system. Use a fence at all times.
  • Use a right-angle fixture to mill end grain, especially on narrow material.
  • Feed against the rotation of the cutterhead.
  • Use hold-downs wherever possible, and always use a pusher stick when milling narrow stock.
  • Avoid working with small pieces.
  • Beware of daydreaming while shaping. Keep your attention on the cutter.

*For part numbers: 394-019, 394-030, 394-031, 396-019, 396-030, 396-031, 397-019, 397-030, 397-031

Copyright © 1997, Jesada Tools.
Any reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited.